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Chartered Accountant by education and Corporate Finance Advisor by profession. Promoted SMB Enablers Pvt. Ltd. You guessed it right. SMB stands for small and medium business. All my life I have been working for or with SMB. My definition of SMB is, in dollar terms, a turnover of 100 million or below per annum. Professionally, I have a passion for this under served market. Indian SME simply deserves better.

Personal Bio-Data can be written behind a bus-ticket. Father of two, reasonably obedient husband, Carnatic music lover,, controlled hypertensive, brisk walking is a chore. I regularly practice, car driving is a chore, I regularly avoid.

Golden mean is something I strive hard to practice. Truth is always somewhere in between – not in the left or right, it is in center. Life is not white or black, it is grey.

I like to read and write. That’s why I am bothering you, here. Have a special fascination for medieval TN, Chola Dynasty and Alwars. Just so you are clear, ‘fascination’ does not mean expertise.

I am agnostic at best, you might read about temples, here. I can’t sing to scale, you will read about carnatic music here. I am not an economist and you will get to hear from me, how an action or inaction affects business. I am not a creative writer, but, you might read my short stories here. Call it contradiction or guts. After all, they are encountered impressions stated honestly, without malice or bitterness.

Regardless of what life has thrown at me, I have stayed without regret, malice or bitterness. I would call it a personal achievement if I can die with that feeling.